JHMC Recognizes Environmental Champions with Gawad Kaisa ng Kalikasan Awards

Camp John Hay , Baguio City – John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) celebrated environmental stewardship by honoring outstanding units and individuals among its employees with the Gawad Kaisa ng Kalikasan awards on its flag retreat on January 19, 2024. The commendable efforts of Kalakalikasan participants, who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable practices, were likewise recognized on January 12, 2024.

The Gawad Kaisa ng Kalikasan is a JHMC initiative that aims to recognize and encourage those who have demonstrated notable environmental conservation and sustainable development measures. The
recipients of this year’s awards were carefully selected based on their significant contribution to environmental protection as well as their active involvement and compliance with environmental standards. Lea Quisoben-Maguilao received Kababaihang Kaisa ang Kalikasan, while Moises Lumiib received Kawaning Kaisa ang Kalikasan.

Out of all the JHMC offices, the General Services Division (GSD), under the direction of its Manager, Benjamin P. Quino, Jr., was named the JHMC unit that best demonstrated environmental stewardship and received the Gawad Kaisa ng Kalikasan award.

Also, JHMC took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of twenty-seven (27) employees who actively participated in the 2022 Kalakalikasan activity, demonstrating exceptional efforts in
maintaining and enhancing environmental well-being, with Lea Quisoben-Maguilao, Josephine Tecan, Jennylyn Esposo, Leonardo Biasura, and Ferdinand Figuerres as the top five (5) awardees.

Through these awards, JHMC serves as a reminder to all that collaboration is important for building a more resilient and green community. Primarily, these initiatives cultivate a sense of corporate social
responsibility in addition to boosting environmental awareness. END