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  • Republic Act No. 7227
  • An act accelerating the conversion of military reservations into other productive uses, creating the Bases Conversion and Development Authority for the purpose, providing funds therefore and for other purposes.
  • Executive Order No. 62
  • Prescribing policies and guidelines to implement Republic Act No. 7227.
  • Executive Order No. 103
  • Authorizing the establishment of the John Hay Development Corporation as the implementing arm of the Bases the Bases Conversion Development Authority for Club John Hay, and directing all heads of departments, bureaus, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of government to support the program.
  • Executive Order No. 132
  • Authorizing the creation of the Poro Point Management Corporation as the implementing arm of the Bases the Bases Conversion Development Authority over the Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone and renaming the John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation as the John Hay Management Corporation.
  • Proclamation No. 420
  • Creating and designating a portion of the area covered by the former Camp John Hay as the John Hay Special Economic Zone pursuant to Republic Act No. 7227.
  • Proclamation No. 198
  • Transferring the John Hay Air Station to the Bases the Bases Conversion Development Authority, renaming it as Club John Hay, and declaring it for tourism, human resource development center, and multiple use forest watershed reservation purposes.



By 2018, the JHMC shall have transformed Camp John Hay into the primary catalyst for the tourism development within the Cordillera Region and the leader of environment and forest stewardship in the Philippines.



As the steward of Camp John Hay, John Hay Management Corporation develops the estate into a premier tourist and investment destination that  enforces efficient and effective regulation, ensures sustainable multiple use of the forest watershed and  contributes to national economic growth and job generation.



  S – Stewardship

  P – Passion for the Environment

  I – Integrity

  C – Commitment

  E – Excellence

JHMC Quality Policy

As the steward and primary catalyst for economic development, the JHMC is
mandated to transform Camp John Hay as a premier tourist and investment
destination in the Cordillera Region through responsible stewardship and good
To provide excellent, efficient and responsive services towards total stakeholders’
satisfaction, we commit to:
• Continually improve the JHMC Quality Management System while
complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.
• Adhere to efficient and effective regulation of Camp John Hay.
• Ensure sustainable use and development of the forest watershed.
• Continually provide learning and growth opportunities for JHMC personnel.