JHMC Key Officials

Allan R. Garcia
President and CEO
Telephone Number (074) 444-5823
E-mail: allan.garcia @ jhmc.com.ph

Jane Theresa G. Tabalingcos
Vice President and COO
Telephone Number (074) 444-5823
E-mail: jane.tabalingcos @ jhmc.com.ph

Engr. Bobby V. Akia
Environment and Asset Management Department (EAMD) and Office of the Building Official (OBO)
Telephone Number (074) 661-4621
E-mail: bobby.akia @ jhmc.com.ph

Florence Joy Mallare-Abad
Business Development Manager
Telephone Number (074) 444-5823
E-mail: florence.mallare @ jhmc.com.ph

Zaldy A. Bello
Special Economic Zone Administration Department (SEZAD) Manager
Telephone Number (074) 423-5403
E-mail: zaldy.bello @ jhmc.com.ph

Atty. Mary Ellen S. Cabuhat
Legal Manager
Telephone Number (074) 444-5823
E-mail: mary.cabuhat @ jhmc.com.ph

Edsel U. Colcol
Administrative Services Department (ASD) Manager
Telephone Number (074) 424-5824
E-mail: edsel.colcol @ jhmc.com.ph

Ronald B. Zambrano, CPA
Finance Manager
Telephone Number (074) 444-8980
E-mail: ronald.zambrano @ jhmc.com.ph

Col. Philip George D. Demot, Ret.
Safety and Security Department (SSD) Manager
Telephone Number (074) 444-5823/423-0601

Danny B. Latawan
Human Resource Manager
Telephone Number (074) 424-5824
E-mail: danny.latawan @ jhmc.com.ph

Zyrelle A. Del Prado
Community Relations Officer
Telephone Number (074) 424-5824
E-mail: zyrelle.delprado @ jhmc.com.ph

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