JHMC Introduces Training on Fire Brigade to Stakeholders

Baguio City – Camp John Hay through the John Hay Management Corporation recognizes its responsibility towards internal and external stakeholders for the preservation and safety of the area as it holds Gender and Development (GAD)-Infused Barangay Based Firefighting Training.

JHMC Fire brigade Training

A total of seventy (70) participants attended the event with thirty-seven (37) females and thirty-three (33) males.

Forester Alberto Banatao (EMD Supervisor), who showed through the footage the forest fire that happened at the Yellow Trail sometime in 2012, discussed that various causes of fire may be attributed to the leaving of cigarette butts inside the forest area. He also emphasized that the John Hay Reservation area should be retained as a forest watershed to protect and preserve the different flora and fauna species living therein.

FO1 Millicent Jhade Albon, a female firefighter, talked about the basic knowledge on the composition of fire, safety tips to prevent it and the basic first-aid procedures. She said that in case of fire, “Don’t panic! Think and act!”, know where the fire exits are located in every building and the fire hotlines within the area.

Meanwhile, FO3 Roy Calpi, a male firefighter, highlighted the emergency procedures and / or disaster situations in case of fire and earthquake. He showed everyone the proper way to “duck, hold and cover” when faced with falling debris during calamities. That, during emergency cases, the alarm must be put on first to give a warning to everyone and go to void spaces where you can duck, hold and cover.

The last part of the program was a hands-on training for firefighting. The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) initialized the activity through the use of their facilities. The activity was in partnership with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

With the vast forested area administered by the JHMC, President and CEO, Allan R. Garcia mandates strict implementation of the laws, rules and regulations to ensure public safety through the prevention of all kinds of destructive fire.END