Filipino-American Day Celebrated at Camp John Hay

The 76th Filipino-American Friendship Day was successfully commemorated at the Bell Amphitheater, Camp John Hay, yesterday, July 4, 2022, which was highlighted by the Chili Cook-off event. Its celebration reflected and recalled the strong relationship and friendship that have bonded the two democracies over the years. In Baguio, the same is primarily observed each year as homage to the Americans who helped pioneer the city’s development in the 19th century, as evidenced by the city’s destinations bearing their names. As significant as the celebration, Camp John Hay played a major role during World War II. Camp John Hay was the place where Major General Tomiyuki Yamashita and Vice Admiral Denhichi Okoochi handed over their samurai swords to Col. George Bishop that ended the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. END