Collaborative Plogging Initiative at Camp John Hay Trails: A Remarkable Conservation Effort

Camp John Hay, Baguio City- Thirty (30) dedicated volunteers, representing various organizations including the John Hay Management Corporation, NorthCom Security Agency, Philippine Trail Running Association, Girls Running in Trails (GRIT), and Baguio Ploggers, united on Saturday, April 4, 2024, for a remarkable collaborative plogging initiative along the Camp John Hay trails. Their collective efforts resulted in the collection of 12 sacks filled with used alcohol bottles, clothes, plastic food wraps, and other discarded waste that had been thrown along the paths.

This initiative underscores the significant influence that joint conservation measures have on safeguarding our natural environments. It acts as a compelling reminder for all who enjoy the trails to recognize the value of maintaining cleanliness and upholding ecological duty. The collective action of these dedicated volunteers stands as a testament to active environmental stewardship, motivating others to engage and safeguard our treasured natural resources for future generations.

Camp John Hay boasts trails marked in blue, white, and red, each offering a 360-degree view of the lush surroundings. These trails wind through the forest, providing glimpses of the rich biodiversity, including various species of pine trees, mushrooms, and wildflowers. END