Collaborative Efforts Shape JHSEZ’s Future

Baguio City: In a recent visit held at the Baguio City Planning Office, the JHMC President and CEO, Atty. Marlo Ignacio Quadra and OIC Vice President and COO, Zaldy A. Bello, together with their JHMC team, gathered before the office of the City Planning and Development Officer, Arch. Donna R. Tabangin to present matters significant to Camp John Hay’s development. Responsible land, zoning, building infrastructure vis-à-vis environmental considerations, and tourism development are among the topics discussed. 

 JHMC and the Planning Office are aligned and are gearing towards sustainable land use practices that harmonize the effects of urban growth with the ecological preservation efforts of both offices. 

 The Baguio City Planning Office recognizes the role of the John Hay Special Economic Zone (JHSEZ) in shaping not only the economic landscape of the city but also in improving the lives of the city’s residents and workforce. 

 Also, Pres. Quadra met with Atty. John B. Felix, Regional Director of the Land Registry of Deeds for Baguio City, and both leaders acknowledge the indispensable role of efficient public service in upholding proper rights and promoting economic dynamics. END