Building an Arabica Coffee Canopy at the John Hay Reservation Area

John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) has been propagating and planting Arabica coffee in various parts of the camp, expanding its reach to various schools.

In response to a request from Hillside National High School, JHMC personnel visited a previous planting site in Hillside Barangay to assess the survival rate of the coffee, which was 62.4% despite challenges from climate change, pests, and diseases.

During the activity, a large number of wildlings were discovered and transplanted into open spaces. Transplanting coffee wildlings is a management technique for improving the sustainability and resilience of Arabica coffee production. Unwanted plants and weeds were also removed as these could compete with the desired plant nutrients, water, space, and sunlight.

As the JHMC coffee canopy expands, the habitat for biodiversity grows, maintaining a good carbon balance. ###