Peak season rates (Oct to May)
I. The Bell Amphitheater   P 4,650.00 / per hour
II. The Bell House Veranda   P 4,050.00 / per hour
III. Secret Garden   P 3,000.00 / per hour
IV. Picnic Groove   P 3,000.00 / per hour

Off season rates (Jun-Sep)
I. The Bell Amphitheater   P 4,150.00 / per hour
II. The Bell House Veranda   P 3,550.00 / per hour
III. Secret Garden   P 2,500.00 / per hour
IV. Picnic Groove   P 2,500.00 / per hour

V. Amphitheater Gazebo   Php 1,200.00 / 4 hrs.
VI. Secret Garden Gazebo   Php 600.00 / 4 hrs.
VII. Mini Gazebo   Php 120.00 / 4 hrs.
VIII. Medium Picnic Table   Php 84.00 / 4 hrs.
IX. Small Picnic Table   Php 60.00 / 4 hrs.
X. Mono Block Chair   Php 18.00 / per piece per day
XI. Table   Php 75.00 / per piece per day
XII. Chair Covers   Php 15.00 / per piece per day
XIII. Mono Block Chair with covers   Php 25.00 / per piece per day

I. OUTSIDE TOURISTS (STANDARD)   Php 75.00 / per head
IV. CHILDREN   Php 36.00 / per head
V. CHILDREN (below 4ft)   FREE  


Reservation via bank transfer:
Development Bank of the Philippines account (cash)
Account name: John Hay Management Corporation
Acct Number: 0510-004308-031
Swift Code (if abroad): DBPHPHMM
(Please scan the deposit slip and email it back to us)


Updated Rates for Historical Core


1. JHMC shall rent out the venue only (Historical Core Facilities) on an “As Is Where Is” basis. The Client shall provide all equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.) to include set-up and removal. Installation of additional equipment requiring extensive electrical consumption (i.e. lightings, mobile, band equipment, etc.) and other hazardous supplies (i.e. fireworks, bonfire, etc.) shall be subject to the approval of JHMC in conformity with existing Safety Rules and Regulations and this shall likewise be charged separately.

2. The Client agrees to pay a 50% down payment upon confirmation of the reservation. The balance and other miscellaneous expenses, including the Cleanliness Bond, shall be paid three (3) days before the contracted date. In case of cancellation by the Client, a Compromise Penalty of 25% of the total amount paid shall be forfeited. For cancellations 24 hours or less before the contracted date, the total amount will be forfeited in favor of JHMC.

3. Payment shall be made in cash, managers or cashier’s check acceptable to JHMC.

4. JHMC shall allow the Client to set-up two (2) hours prior to the contracted time at no additional cost, provided; the Client has reserved the venue for a minimum of 5 hours/ regular booking. Should the setting-up process by the Client exceed the two (2) hour period, the excess hours or a fraction thereof shall be charged and be subjected to the usual rental fee.

5. The Client agrees to deposit a Bond in the amount of Three Thousand Pesos (P 3,000) to ensure Cleanliness of the Venue and to cover for any Damages that may be incurred. The Bond will be released to the Client anytime on the next working day, provided the venue was verified “Clean and Free from Damages” by the Historical Core Monitoring Team. Bonds not claimed within 30 days will be forfeited.

6. The Client agrees to secure from JHMC the necessary Gate Pass for all their equipment which will be brought in and brought out of the John Hay Special Economic Zone. This shall be secured three (3) days prior to the contracted date. A P180.00 processing fee shall be collected upon application.

7. Should the schedule of the function fall outside regular working hours, the Client agrees to file a request for overtime services of the JHMC Examiner, payment of which shall be settled three (3) days before the function.

8. The maximum number of guests shall not exceed 300 persons. Beyond 300pax will be charged P30.00 per head.

9. The Client shall be responsible for any misconduct or misdeed by any of its personnel or guests. Any loss, damage, or injury to the Historical Core Facilities or to John Hay personnel attributed to acts or omissions of the Client and/ or their guests during the function shall be for the account of and/ or liability or responsibility of the Client.

10. The contracted caterer and/ or the Client shall be responsible for the removal of trash, garbage, and other waste matter from the venue. Washing of dishes and other utensils is strictly prohibited.

11. Souvenir items or other merchandise brought in by the Client for sale to their guests shall be subject to the approval of JHMC. Counters/ space used for sale of souvenir items or other merchandise shall be charged rentals at the prevailing rate plus 10% of gross sales which will be charged accordingly to the Client.

12. The venue shall be subject to spot checks by JHMC representatives before, during and after the function to monitor compliance with these Terms and Conditions, to ensure that all requirements are provided, and to determine additional charges, if any.

13. JHMC reserves the right to assign alternative venue should the Bell Amphitheater become unavailable for whatever reason.

14. Events or activities that are contrary to law, public order, public policy, morals, or good customs are strictly prohibited in Camp John Hay areas that are under the jurisdiction of JHMC.

15. In case of suit against the Client by JHMC for collection of unpaid accounts, attorney’s fees, litigation cost and other expenses shall be charged to the Client and the Court of the City of Baguio shall be the exclusive venue to try any dispute or difference or legal action which may arise between the parties under the contract.

16. Installation of Parachute tents or any type of shade that will need tying is prohibited.

17. The Client hereby authorizes JHMC to check his/her credit references.

18. JHMC reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.