John Hay Joins the Crusade for Breast Cancer Awareness

BAGUIO CITY- John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC), a subsidiary of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) celebrates the Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the historic Bell House, Camp John Hay.

The festivity begins with the symbolic walk from the Ayala Techno Hub participated by Baguio City Councilors, Hon. Joel A. Alangsab, Hon. Leah A.Fariñas, former JHMC Board of Director, Hon. Leandro Yañgot Jr and Atty. Rafael Tallocoy representing Hon. Mauricio G. Domogan.  Other active participants are Brgy. Kap. Soriano Palunan of Happy Hollow and representatives from the various business establishments inside the John Hay economic zone. 

The symbolic walk ends at the historic Bell House where an inspirational talk from Ms. Marivic Bugasto of the iCan Serve Foundation delivered her personal testimony relative to breast cancer, as she herself is a survivor.  ICan Serve Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by breast cancer survivors who aims to empower women with breast cancer and provide women with cancer-related information in order for them to have an improved women health care.

In her talk, she discussed in toto breast health care and raised awareness to the disease by teaching the spectators proper breast examination and early breast cancer detection guides.  She also introduced the flagship of their foundation, Ating Dibdibin, which is a community –based breast screening program.

For the medical side, Dr. Damaso C. Bangaoet III of the Department of Health delivered a comprehensive guide in identifying the symptoms and treating breast cancer at the earliest possible stage.  The best prevention for breast cancer is its early detection.

The JHMC on its part remains committed to improve women’s health through its gender and development plans and programs.  President and CEO, Allan R. Garcia, wants all stakeholders to have access for useful and vital information for the disease, especially those who belong to the less privileged communities, for, breast cancer does not discriminate. People of all races, ages and income levels succumbs to this disease.

In addition to this, Pres. Garcia reminds all breast cancer patients, survivors and their families that they are not fighting their own battle alone.  He then obliges those assembled during the crusade that they now have the shared-responsibility to spread breast cancer awareness to save the lives of more women.

In the end, Councilor Leandro Yañgot commends the JHMC for the worthy advocacy and even offers partnership with the corporation for a possible tie-up in other charitable advocacies in furtherance with the vision of the latter.

Meanwhile, in the camp, the 114th Anniversary was commemorated with a booming business climate in the economic zone.